CoolTherm™ Dual Purpose Face Mask Dressing

Pre-set perforations provide Medics the option to determine appropriate application.

Sterile trauma hydrogel burn dressing.

Cools and soothes.

Substantial non-woven dressing.

Minimises trauma and skin damage.

Non-adherent to burnt skin.


Box of 5.

SKU: 5925


The CoolTherm™ Facemask/Large dressing is uniquely dual-purpose. The eye/nose/mouth apertures are perforated and can be easily removed. This allows quick preparation of the dressing for use on a face. Alternatively, leaving the perforated areas in place renders the dressing suitable for covering larger areas such as a limb or the torso. This dual-purpose design offers additional flexibility, particularly valuable in the space limited environment of an emergency ambulance.

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Dimensions 30 x 40 cm