About CoolTherm™

Using tried and tested medical technology, CoolTherm™ has re-defined the standard of emergency water-based burn dressings.
Utilising a more refined, strong, flexible and conformable carrier dressing material, Cooltherm™ uses a proven water soluble gel that absorbs the thermal energy from a burn, dissipating the heat, cooling the skin, relieving the pain, and protecting against contamination.
The primary aim of first aid, should be to halt the burning process, cool the burn, provide pain relief, and protect the wound.
CoolTherm™ stops the burning by cooling the skin, relieves the pain by isolating damaged nerve endings from the air, and protects the burn from infection by providing a physical barrier to contaminants.

CoolTherm_illus1HEAT EXCHANGE
CoolTherm™ absorbs the thermal energy from the burn, dissipating the heat, and cooling the skin…
CoolTherm_illus2PAIN RELIEF
CoolTherm™ relieves the pain by isolating damaged nerve endings from the air…
CoolTherm™ protects against contamination by providing a sterile physical barrier…


The CoolTherm™ Formula
Following disagreements between notified bodies, it has been decided to remove Tea Tree Oil from all burn dressings.

CoolTherm™ adopts a non-woven carrier dressing that is very soft, gentle, and highly conformable, setting new standards in burns treatment.

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